Why Us?

Why Choose Cypress Pools for your backyard project

We are the most Energy-Efficient, Environmentally friendly Pool Builder in the Capital District

  • Variable speed pumps are standard on all our pools and offer incredible energy savings
  • Every pool is equipped with an oversized element filter. What does that mean? No backwashing or changing filter media which eliminates wasting pool water or draining chemically treated water into the ground water. Our element filters offer up to 100 times more filtration area than a standard glass media or sand filter.
  • All of our plumbing is oversized offering incredible hydraulic efficiency. Hydraulic efficiency = less energy used and less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • We offer energy-efficient LED lighting with a myriad of colors and light shows standard on all our pools.

We are the Capital District’s Only Turnkey Pool Builder


We will pull your permit and pay for it. We deal with all those questions regarding setbacks, variances, etc. so you don’t have to.


Standard electrical connections are included. We don’t just supply you with a list of electricians that “do pools.”  We take care of all the coordinating.


Concrete decks, pavers, hardscapes, retaining walls, waterfalls…you name it, we can coordinate it all for you with some of the best builders in the area.

Other Pool builders “options” are standard for us

Variable speed pumps, LED lights, mineral systems for crystal clear water, water for fiberglass pools, clean backfill material, hauling away material from the job site…we include just about everything for your project. We will even provide a CAD layout and drawing of your new pool in your backyard.

We’re Transparent

There can be some unanticipated costs that we won’t know until we start your project…ground water, undiscovered shale and rock, stumps and other debris. But what we will tell you up front is what those unforeseen expenses could be with an estimate to address them.

We have options for every backyard

From classic rectangular vinyl-lined pools to fiberglass pools with sundeck and benches – even plunge pools for small backyards, we have a pool to fit your yard and your budget.

Inground Fiberglass pool with benches installed in Rensselear New York and built by Cypress Pools and Spas
Inground Fiberglass pool with benches installed in Rensselear New York and built by Cypress Pools and Spas