Our Story

Pat Conlon founded Cypress Pools in 1989 based on the philosophy of “Our People Make the Difference!. It is that philosophy that has helped position Cypress Pools as a top-quality pool builder, with a solid reputation, serving the greater Capital District for over 3 decades. Our professionally trained staff genuinely cares about your project. We realize that investing in a swimming pool is a big decision, so we make the process as easy as possible with our customer-first approach. Join us and the thousands of happy and satisfied customers we’ve worked with over the last 30 years… Because at Cypress Pools our people really do make the difference!

Looking forward

Jeff Moeckel is the President and Managing Partner of Cypress Pools. He has lived in the Capital District for over 30 years, but his pool experience began much earlier. He grew up immersed in the pool business… building swimming pools in the summer throughout high school and college. After graduating, he began working for a pump and filter manufacturer and relocated from the Boston area to Saratoga Springs. Since then, Jeff has worked for manufacturers and distributors in the swimming pool industry, traveled extensively, and worked with hundreds of pool builders. That experience has given him a unique perspective on the swimming pool industry, and he now brings that expertise and knowledge to Cypress Pools.

“We realize that the purchase of a swimming pool is a big investment and should be as stress free as possible. That’s why we take a no-nonsense turnkey approach to how we price. What other companies consider options, we consider standard costs. We include those hidden costs that most other builders don’t… like electrical, hauling away material we take out of the ground, backfilling your pool with clean material…even helping you get your building permit! We want to make your experience hassle-free with no surprises or hidden fees you didn’t plan for. So relax! We have you covered!”

– Jeff Moeckel
President and Managing Partner

No Outsourcing

Your pool is entirely constructed and managed by Cypress Pools so you can rest assured your build is in the best hands.

Locally Crafted

Cypress Pools has been an active member of the greater Capital District and takes pride in partnering with local businesses.

Fresh & Innovative

Our team is always learning and adjusting our builds to create visually interesting pools that are timeless and durable.

Not all pools and not all pool builders are the same

Not all pools and pool builders are the same! Let’s face it… you’re investing a lot of money into your backyard and you should get what you pay for. We believe that many “options” should really be included as standard. All of those hidden costs (that eventually become not-so-hidden costs once construction starts) only add frustration to what should be a hassle-free project.

That’s why we take a no-nonsense approach to how we price out your project. We may seem a bit more costly upfront than other builders, but once you do a line-by-line price comparison, you’ll find that not only are we just as affordable… in some cases, we even cost less than other pool builders!